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The highly anticipated third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises was finally released by Warner Brothers yesterday and while it didn’t disappoint, I can’t say it completely blew me away either. As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I think this will be very good movie, but I just don’t expect it to be on par with The Dark Knight. As far as this summer’s blockbusters, Prometheus still looks like the best of the bunch; the trailers and viral videos give me chills every time I watch them.

What is abundantly clear from the latest Dark Knight Rises trailer is that Bane’s vocals have been noticeably cleaned up since Christopher Nolan first premiered footage from the film back in December. Some of the things I found troubling were what appeared to be sloppily choreographed action scenes and less than stellar special effects which are most evident in the football stadium scene and the Batwing sequence. Hopefully these are things that Nolan can clean up during post-production before the final product hits screens on July 20.

My other source of concern is non other than Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. It’s no secret that Nolan has missed the mark with his casting choices for the female leads in the two previous Batman instalments. While Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Rachel was a vast improvement over the atrocious Katie Holmes, she still felt somewhat miscast in the role. This brings us to Anne Hathaway, who – no matter how hard she tries – just seems too wholesome and dull to embody the dark and sinister persona of Selina Kyle. I also found that Catwoman’s costume looked a tad silly with those pointy ears on top of her head, especially since Nolan has always strived for realism in his Batman trilogy. The scenes showing Batman and Catwoman fighting alongside each other also gave off that uneasy Batman and Robyn vibe, which began to bring back dreadful memories of the infamous Joel Schumacher cheese-fest.

Maybe I’m just nit-picking, but my expectations for this film are extremely high. Again, the issue is not whether The Dark Knight Rises will be good movie, but whether it will be a great one. I do have faith in Christopher Nolan though and hope that he delivers a thrilling and moving conclusion to his caped crusader trilogy.

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